Wrap it Without Cling Film.

What's It Worth? ...

160 Points


The Why.

We could wrap the entire Planet with clingfilm 30 times. Every. Single. Year … Holy Shmokes Folks!!! …


Imagine wrapping the entire Planet with clingfilm 30 times, that's how much clingfilm we get through in the UK, Every. Single. Year.

It's really hard to recycle so the majority heads off to landfill where it can take hundreds of years to degrade.

The How.

Fear not, for we have all sorts of options available … click for more info …


There's loads of reusable alternatives out there now … bees wax wraps, Tupawear, glass jars.

Have yourself a Google, find the right one for you, ditch the cling film, award yourself a BETCH point or two (poet?)

The Points.

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Max Points 160.

• 0 Points: If clingfilm is still a regular in your kitchen

• 80 Points: Once you've tried and tested your very first alternative

• 160 Points: Once you've ditched it altogether

Award yourself Max Points if this isn't applicable to you.

e.g. Max Points for Nappies if you don't have a baby / Max Points for Drive Economically if you don't drive.

The Links.

Here you'll find some helpful products, services or information that'll help you make the change.


A great environmentally friendly alternative to clingfilm for wrapping food.


On our Local Page, you’ll find a wealth of online stores, pretty much all of them will stock Cling film alternatives. Or, find your local plastic free shop on the map …


Add a solution here … Do you know of, work for or own a business/product/solution that will help folk to make this change? Click to let us know and we'll advertise it here (free of charge).

The Social.

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