Get Yourself a Rather Sexy Coffee Cup.

What's It Worth? ...

60 Points


The Why.

In the UK alone, a whopping 7 million 'disposable' cups used every day. They take 30 Years to decompose …


Are you ready for this ... In the UK alone, we use 7 million disposable cups Every. Single. Day!! Roughly 2.5 billion per year. Each and every single one will take 30 years to decompose!

If we stacked these end to end, we could build 10 towers stretching from the ground up to space Every. Single. Day!! And that's just us in the UK!!

The How.

Get yourself the sexiest reusable coffee cup you can find …


Get yourself the sexiest reusable coffee cup you can find, then go show it off to the world, go about drinking from it in a real nice way ... make those 'disposable' drinkers jealous ... take it with you everywhere, you’ll never need to go disposable ever again!!

The Points.

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Max Points 60.

• 0 Points: If you don't yet own that sexy cup and are still a disposable-er

• 30 Points: Maybe you got the new mug, but sometimes you forget it and have to sneakily get a disposable

• 60 Points: If your days of 'disposable' are behind you and the thought of using them freaks you out just a little bit

Award yourself Max Points if this isn't applicable to you.

e.g. Max Points for Nappies if you don't have a baby / Max Points for Drive Economically if you don't drive.

The Links.

Here you'll find some helpful products, services or information that'll help you make the change.


A great place to find your ‘forever cup’ is at your local plastic free shop or on an online plastic free shop … find yours on our Local page.


Or get right into it and read some reviews …


Add a solution here … Do you know of, work for or own a business/product/solution that will help folk to make this change? Click to let us know and we'll advertise it here (free of charge).

The Social.

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