Get Your Power From Renewables.

What's It Worth? ...

200 Points


The Why.

By Switching, you'll be doing the work of 1770 trees … freeing them up to help fight the climate crisis.


A whopping 25% of all global emissions comes from electricity and heat.

When we make the switch to a green supplier, we're reducing our carbon impact by 3.5 tonnes of CO2 per year. It would take 1,770 trees to absorb all of that. Imagine if 10,000 BETCH's did it, that's 17.7million trees freed up and put to other carbon absorbing uses.

If that wasn't enough, the average household could save over £200 per year V's the Big Six energy suppliers.

The How.

Google 'Green Energy Supplier', find your favourite, switch, save the world, bish, bosh, bash …


There’s no doubt that changing energy provider can be abit of a pain in the backside. However, some of these green energy providers make the process almost enjoyable as they immerse you in smooth customer service.

So, get yourself on Google (other search engines are available), and find yourself a lovely green supplier for your home.

The Points.

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Max Points 200.

• 0 Points: If your home still draws it's power from fossil fuels

• 200 Points: Once you've switched to a renewable source

Award yourself Max Points if this isn't applicable to you.

e.g. Max Points for Nappies if you don't have a baby / Max Points for Drive Economically if you don't drive.

The Links.

Here you'll find some helpful products, services or information that'll help you make the change.


We vet every supplier we work with to make sure their customer service and green creds are up to scratch. 


We provide our members with 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro. And our gas is 100% carbon neutral too.


When you sign up to Green Energy UK, you are choosing energy that has been sustainably generated from green and renewable sources.

The Social.

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