Get Involved with a Litter Pick.

What's It Worth? ...

300 Points


The Why.

558 pieces of litter every found per 100 metres of Beach in the UK …


There are two ways we can help the pollution problem on our planet: When we stop polluting it and when we remove the pollution that's already there.

A National Beach Clean-up found on average, 558 pieces of litter every 100 metres of Beach in the UK.

We can thank Litter Picking for the removal of millions of pieces of rubbish that were poisoning our environment. It's not just our earth we're saving, generations to come will be forever thankful.

The How.

Get involved, get others involved, have fun and feel proud …


Find a cause in your area that you like the look of and get involved. Get others involved too, have a bit of fun and feel the pride that comes with it.

The below link is a pretty good place to start.

The Points.

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Max Points 300.

• 0 Points: If you've not yet been out litter picking

• 100 Points: When you've done it for the first time

• 200 Points: Once you've been out twice

• 300 Points: If you have a regular slot booked in

Award yourself Max Points if this isn't applicable to you.

e.g. Max Points for Nappies if you don't have a baby / Max Points for Drive Economically if you don't drive.

The Links.

Here you'll find some helpful products, services or information that'll help you make the change.


Keep Britain Tidy cannot achieve its goals (eliminating litter and ending waste for now and for future generations) alone, this is where our army of volunteers comes in.


CleanupUK is a charity that helps those who are most in need, usually in areas of deprivation, to combat the litter problem where they are.


Finding other people who are concerned about litter is easy. Simply click on the Litter Action map, near where you live, and they'll show you who is in your area.

The Social.

Ask for support, offer support or share ideas about tackling this change on ...

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