What Are Your Clothes Made From?

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The Why.

The water required to make 5 shirts could keep you well hydrated for 27 years … Jaw Dropper!! …


Because our clothes are produced on such a huge scale, the materials used in there production have a mighty impact on the planet.

• Synthetics such as Polyester make up 63% of our clothes, these are usually made from oil and they won't biodegrade.
• Cotton is a more natural material, however it is ridiculously thirsty - just 1kg of cotton clothing (about 5 shirts) needs up to 20,000 litres of water, which if you drink your 2 litres of water a day, would last you 27 years.

93 billion cubic metres of water and one sixth of the worlds pesticide usage is used for cotton production every year. The impact of this is effecting the health of the local communities, the ecologies and the economies of the area's where it is produced - parts of the Aral Sea are now just desert.

The How.

Materials can be a minefield … click for more info …


Knowing which materials to go with can be a minefield, they all have different impacts on the environment - but here's a starter for ten:

• Any opportunity to go second hand will have a big impact - it stops another outfit being produced from scratch.

• A new outfit made from recycled polyester or recycled cotton has a much lower carbon footprint.

• Some other materials to look out for are Organic Linen & Organic Hemp. Or, some low impact high-tech synthetic fibres are Tencel, Pinatex, Econyl, Qmonos

Check out the below link for some best buy guides.

The Points.

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Here you'll find some helpful products, services or information that'll help you make the change.


From business suits to wool coats, acrylic jumpers to denim jeans, our best-buy guides give you the low-down on some classic items of clothing


Every product is made to the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish. 


Sick of cheap, throw-away clothing that's damaging to the environment? Our clothes are organic, ethical and fully recyclable.

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