Get Yourself a Pen-For-Life.

What's It Worth? ...

80 Points


The Why.

Every Year, we have enough disposed pens to wrap around the world …


Plastic pens can't go in the recycling. On average we throw away about 5 pens each per year - in the UK that's about 330 million every year.

End to end, you could wrap these around the Earth and still have a modest 50 million pens left over!

The How.

Get yourself a pen-for-life … a real sexy one …


Get yourself a pen-for-life, your very own pen, one that you'll get quite attached to, one that if people ask you to borrow, you'll say yes, but you'll not be happy about it!

Normally, refills do contain a small amount of plastic, but dramatically less than a disposables, or, there are also plenty of plastic free options out there.

For the plastic pens we do have, we can save them up and drop off with TerraCycle ... see links below.

The Points.

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Max Points 80.

• 0 Points: If you're still chucking away plastic pens left, right and centre

• 80 Points: Once you've found yourself your perfect pen-for-life

Award yourself Max Points if this isn't applicable to you.

e.g. Max Points for Nappies if you don't have a baby / Max Points for Drive Economically if you don't drive.

The Links.

Here you'll find some helpful products, services or information that'll help you make the change.


The Writing Instruments Recycling Programme


Here’s a video on how the Terracycle programme works


Add a solution here … Do you know of, work for or own a business/product/solution that will help folk to make this change? Click to let us know and we'll advertise it here (free of charge).

The Social.

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